Happy New Year! And Updates

It is now 2016. It is that time once again when I look back on the previous year and look forward to the year ahead. I’m sorry I have not been on here in a while. One of the things I do resolve to do in 2016 is keep up with this blog more. I successfully completed NanoWriMo. Now I am redoing my world building. Why? As I was writing my Nano novel, I realized how little I knew of its world and its customs.  I also knew little of its geography and how the towns are arranged. My characters also need more work and depth. I realized I knew very little about them going in. However, I did discover more about them as I wrote the story. I got a lot of planning ahead of me. I hope to have a rough draft done by the end of this year. I also plan to write a few short stories somewhere in between. May all of you have a great 2016!


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