World Building

World building has been slow so far. As many know, I am a procrastinator (as one can tell by my blog posting regularity). I have had a few good days of world building. So far I got a rough idea where the towns are in the world.  I also figured out some of the geography and their weaponry. I think I got the mythology figured out although I have been considering tweaking it a bit as some of it does have a tie in to  the story. I am currently working on the world’s religious practices. The world is a polytheistic society with a few similarities to ancient Egypt. Unlike ancient Egypt, there are much less deities. This world is limited to ten deities, with only nine of them being acceptable for worship. Why only nine? Because that last one rebelled against the other gods and is considered a god of all the bad things in the world. He is not without his followers, although they are relegated to one part of the country. Worship of him anywhere else is banned and is a punishable crime. I have yet to figure out what is the punishment for that is. I will figure that out when I get to it. I hope to be done world building by the end of February at the latest so I can start figuring out my characters and to get an outline done. I would prefer it to be done sooner so I can start the working on my characters and outline and have those done so that I can start the rewrite for CampNanoWriMo in April.


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