The Blank Page

I am taking a mini break from planning my novel and I am attempting to write a short story.  I haven’t written a short story since high school, so I am a little rusty. Especially when it comes to ideas.  This short story is for an anthology on a writer’s website I’m on called Forward Motion.  This would be my first attempt at having something published. The problem is I’m having a difficulty fleshing out an idea for the anthology’s prompt. I got a base idea, but it doesn’t seem to want to grow from there.  I’m just sitting at my computer staring at a blank page and it’s frustrating. Even walking away for a bit doesn’t help. Even in the shower, nothing comes; the one place I normally get a ton of my ideas. I have a feeling that maybe this story isn’t ready to be written. I probably should wait, but I can’t wait too long. There is a deadline.  An idea will come eventually. I just hope that it’s soon.


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